Poll Names Stacia Loo as Best Social Media Marketing Expert in Bellevue, Washington

Best Social Media Marketing Expert Bellevue Stacia LooStacia Loo Is The Best Social Media Marketing Expert In Bellevue According to an article at Bellevue Business Journal, Stacia Loo has been named as the Best Social Media Expert in Bellevue, Washington.

Besides working extensively in social media marketing for many clients in the real estate industry, Loo has also done marketing for fashion, hospitality and entertainment businesses and is a Millionairess in the field of Internet Marketing.

You can join Stacia’s team in the Empower Network.

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Introducing Talk Fusion to The Social Network Marketing Store

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been playing around with a great tool for video marketing called “Talk Fusion”.  I’ve been getting some great feedback from people that I’ve been sending video emails to and am now happy to share this tool and related business opportunity with visitors to The Social Network Marketing Store.

Please click on the photo below to watch my short video (made with Talk Fusion).

Introducing Talk Fusion to The Social Network Marketing Store

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In March I Will Be Helping 10 People Earn Free Cell Service For Live – Are You In?

I’m looking for 10 people who want to earn free cell service for the rest of their lives starting in March of 2013.  It is very simple, quite easy (I did it in a month part-time) and will allow you to enjoy not ever having to come up with the money to pay your cell bill ever again!  Give me, Joe “The Connector” Kennedy a call at 425-429-8590 or contact me at Joe(at)49DollarCellService.com.

I truly want to help you earn free cell service as soon as possible.  This can be done through meeting in person, talking on the phone, Google hangouts, webchats or many other ways.  I don’t care how you contact me – just do it now!  I’m looking forward to hearing from YOU!

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Lotions, Potions & Pills vs Cell Phone Service

There are a good number of excellent network marketing opportunities out there.  To be sure, you can sell (and buy) almost any product on the planet via network marketing, include cars, travel and more.

It seems like most of the direct sales opportunities out there involve improving people’s health.  That is a good thing and many network marketing companies sell some pretty great products designed to help people improve their health.  Not to be negative, but I call these products Lotions, Potions and Pills.  You see, I am an extremely healthy person, but I eat right, blend vegetable drinks every day and exercise regularly.  That’s enough for most people to be as healthy as they want to be.

People simply do not NEED lotions, potions and/or pills to be healthy – or to live their daily lives.  People DO NEED cell phone service and use it each and every day.  That’s why I love Solavei and being the leader of The Presidential Team and Founder of 49DollarCellService.com.  We help people save money on a service that they use each and every day.

We are not selling a product that people cannot afford and do not need – and ultimately do not want.

Check out 49DollarCellService.com to sign up for unlimited voice, text and data cell phone service on a great nationwide 4G network (uses the T-Mobile network) for only $49 a month.  Share with just 9 people who also sign up – and your service is FREE forever.  Perhaps the best part is that there are no contracts and you can bring your own unlocked GSM phone with you!

For more information, please call me – Joe “The Connector” Kennedy, (425) 429-8590

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Looking For Three People Who Are Motivated to Make $20k a Month

I’m extremely focused on building my Solavei business to the level where I am earning $20,000 a month.  I figure I will be there shortly after I help 100 people save money on their cell phone service.  So far, I’m helping 18 people and the network for The Presidential Team at Solavei is now 173 members strong.  So, I’m not quite 20% of the way there, but I KNOW I can get there by the end of this year.

I’m looking for three (3) other people who would also like to make at least $20k a month.  I want to help you make it happen – either this year or next.  Is investing the next 12 to 18 months of your time (part-time) worth earning a residual (that’s ongoing) income of $20,000 a month by helping people save money on a product they already use every day?

The answer for me is a resounding YES YES YES.  If it is for you too – give me a call, I want to work with you.

Joe “The Connector” Kennedy
(425) 429-8590



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I Want This So Bad I’m Willing to Carry The Sign

I am on a real mission to help 1,000 people get free cell phone service.  It is real easy to be one of those people – if you want free cell phone service.

1. Sign up for cell phone service with The Presidential Team at Solavei by going to 49DollarCellService.com.

2. Refer 9 people – friends, family, strangers, whoever to also want to get their cell service for $49 a month – or FREE.

Then your cell phone service is FREE forever!  It’s really that simple.

I want to help people so bad that I’ve been out on street corners holding this sign:

2013-02-05 23.31.29

Yes – it’s kind of a white trash, homemade card board sign, but I’m   working on getting a professional sign made.  It’s surprising how heavy this huge piece of cardboard can get after holding it up for a couple of hours at a time …  It really kind of messed up my neck quite a bit, so I’m working on a new design – which you will probably see in the media very soon.  Coming to a street corner near you!

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Solavei 1K Challenge: Become a Thousandaire Day 2

Solavei 1K Challenge Day 2 – Today is the 2nd day of the Solavei 1K Challenge where anyone and everyone is invited to join in and become ‘Thousandaires’ making $1000 or more each and every month, simply by sharing the amazing value of Solavei’s unlimited nationwide, voice, text and data cell service priced at only $49 a month.

Are you ready? Imagine what an extra $1,000 per month could do for so many of the people you like, love and trust. When you sign up for Solavei Mobile Service, you engag with much more than just a great mobile service provider – you actually partner with the company that is leading the social commerce revolution and a brand that believes YOU can change the world. That is why we want to equip you with the right tools and resources to share Solavei, starting TODAY!

The tools that Solavei provides are excellent. Once you join the Presidential Team at Solavei, you will have access to a first class support system. Professionally made videos are at your fingers tips, there are many, many different types of training calls, webinars and documents all put together to help share the Solavei service and opportunity.

The Solavei 1K Challenge starts with you – joining Solavei and working to become a ‘Thousandaire’ and then continues with you helping others do the same. You can be a hero to many, many families who are hurting for money right now. With your help, they may be able to have groceries every month, buy that car they so desperately need – or even help them pay their rent or mortgage. With Solavei, YOU have the opportunity to make a huge difference in not only your local community, but in the world.

This is your chance – do not let it pass you by! Join the Presidential Team at Solavei today!!! Get signed up at 49DollarCellService.com or at http://Solavei.com/PresidentialTeam.

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Join the Solavei 1K Challenge!

Last night on their nationwide webinar, Solavei announce the 1K challenge – this morning it was available on their site for registered members to join – I was among the first to join!  The good news is that I am looking for 12 motivated people who would like to become “Thousandaires” – and begin earning $1,000 or more every month.  Are you in?  Either contact me or sign up at Solavei.com/presidentialteam – I sincerely look forward to working with YOU!


Please give me a call with any questions: Joe “The Connector” Kennedy (425) 429-8590

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