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The 11 Best Home-based Businesses for 2020

Over the past decade, the concept of working from home is gradually growing in popularity and continues to do so, as the situation continues to worsen due to the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic.  And, until there is any cure, many individuals are considering starting their venture up as home-based businesses.

Many companies are letting their employees go, due to the financial turmoil, that they are facing in these stressful times. Hence, today, in 2020, more and more people are looking for the best home-based businesses that they can build their careers on and make a living of the same.

As you may know, I am very partial towards Network Marketing or Direct Sales, so I will include that at the very top of this list.

Network Marketing: There are so many things that I LOVE about Network Marketing! First of all, ANYONE can do it! You don’t need any special training, you just need to be coachable and be willing to do what it takes to succeed. Another great thing is that most network marketing businesses do not require a large start up investment. Most that I’ve seen can be started for less than $1,000 and some for a lot less than that. Perhaps the best thing about Network Marketing is that you can join direct sales opportunities where you can sell virtually anything that you are interested in – from digital products, electronics, lotions and potions, cell phone service, fitness programs, exercise equipment and health building nutritionals.

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Freelance writer: Do you have a flair for writing, but could not take-up the same, due to your job or any other reason? Then, now is the time to do what you are passionate about, and start writing. Whether you are comfortable working in your terrace, or from the comforts of your bedroom, freelance writers from all over the world are always working.

Social Media Manager: Are you hooked onto social media, and it drives you crazy? Then why not make a living out of it? If you are still unaware, then know this; companies pay a hefty amount to their social media managers, for managing their social media accounts. After all, today everything is about online presence and digitization.

Freelance Coder: If your skillsets revolve around with computers, then you can change your day job into your business. Become your boss and take up projects with wide diversities instead of working for a single company.

Data Entry Guru: Even though if it does not sound lucrative enough or stimulating enough job in the universe, data entry can for sure give you the funds you require, working from home.

Freelance Designer: If you are an imaginative and creative person, then try your hand in designing posters, online advertisements, flyers for companies who lack the skill and time to do it for themselves, and crete your name.

Researcher and a Fact-Checker: If you are good at researching and getting all the facts right, then as a professional it is your job to remind lawyers, business professionals, journalists, academic scholars, educators, amongst others, about the importance of your role in their field of work.

Blogger and Affiliate Marketer: If writing for other companies does not make your heart happy, then not a problem. Consider starting your blog, in the specific domain, that you are an expert. Be it a cooking or lifestyle blog, you can also affiliate the products that you like on your blog and receive some remunerations in return.

Translator: Not only being a translator is interesting, but it is also a good way to use your knowledge of the multiple languages you have. you may also choose to render your service by joining into international business video conferences and be the translator.

Pet sitter or a dog walker: If you love the four-legged man’s best friend, then you can start a business in your neighborhood as a dog walker or a pet sitter. You can later expand your business also.

Landlord: If you have extra rooms in your house, or you live in a multi-floored building that you own and is empty, you can rent out space.

So whether you have lost your job due to Covid-19, or simply want a change or a way to supplement your income, there are A LOT of home based businesses you can choose from. I encourage you to start a home based business TODAY! And if you would like to join my team as a Team BeachBody Coach, please click this link or contact me.

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