What is the Best Network Marketing Company in the United States?


As you may know, I am looking to start a home based business. Something I can run from my apartment, a motel room – or pretty much anywhere with an internet connection …

My new home based business does not have to be a network marketing business, but I have a feeling that it will be. There are so many good ones around. Although I don’t really want to sell ‘potions and lotions’, there are some really good network marketing companies here in the US that sell some really great products.

I’ve been in few different direct sales or network marketing companies in the past and admittedly have not had much financial success. I did well for awhile in a short-lived company called Solavei, which turned out to be kind of a hoax …. I’ve been a BeachBody Coach – 3 times now. I actually like their Shakeology (although it is fairly expensive) and their BOD – BeachBody on Demand video workouts subscription model. I may even end up signing up for BeachBody again, but something (me?) would have to be different.

My friend Lori is all in at World Ventures and Shaklee. I did World Ventures many years ago, but never took a trip and never made a dime. Whenever I did want to travel, their deals just didn’t make sense for me. Shaklee has been around FOREVER and has to be a good company with good products just to survive that long. I actually have started looking into it, but they have some many different products and promotions that it is really very confusing. A confused mind says “NO” – and that is what I’ve been getting from my own confusion.

I need a network marketing business that is simple, has good products, decent compensation and is easy to understand, teach – and sell. Do YOU have any suggestions? Perhaps I should be looking at Amway ….?

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