I’m Looking for a Home-Based Business!

One thing that many of us have learned during this Covid-19 Pandemic is that we cannot count on our jobs to keep us going. As has been displayed here in the United States, many jobs can simply go away virtually overnight. I for one, had my job go away – and it will never come back.

I need to find another line of work – and not just a J.O.B. (just over broke). I know that I need to start a home-based business. A business I can work from anywhere. A business I can invest myself and my time into.

I’m hoping to find the perfect home-based business opportunity and hope that it will involve health, fitness, networking, personal development and helping people. I am open to network marketing, education, direct sales, product representation or influencer marketing.

Please let me hear about YOUR home-based business and why you might think it be a good fit for this 57 year old guy (who has a 3 year old) and is needing to reinvent myself.

Leave a comment here or contact Joe “Home-based Business” Kennedy.

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