The Social Network Marketing Store is the result of over 20 years of studying the industry known at various times in recent history as network marketing, MLM or multi-level marketing and now social network marketing.

We offer a variety of business, networking and training opportunities for people who are looking for ways to make income working from home while helping others solve their financial, physical and lifestyle challenges.

The headline product of The Social Networking Store is the new company that is leading the revolution in social commerce: Solavei.  To find out more about joining The Presidential Team at Solavei, please visit 49DollarCellService.com or Solavei.com/PresidentialTeam.

Joe “The Connector” Kennedy is the Publisher of The Social Network Marketing Store and the Leader of the Presidential Team at Solavei and can be reached via email at Joe(at)TheSocialNetworkMarketingStore.com or via phone at: (425) 429-8590.

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