The Social Network Marketing Store is Born!

It has taken a long time to put together and will require A LOT of work over the next few years, but The Social Network Marketing Store has been born!  It comes from an idea I had many years ago back when social network marketing was known as multi-level marketing (because of the types of compensation plans offered by many home based business opportunities).  Yes – even before the industry was referred to as network marketing and prior to the arrival of Web 2.0 and the great social media tools we have available today.

This idea of a store to offer many different types of home based business opportunities, and a place for like minded people to meet-up, socialize, network and hold company trainings and meetings was good back then, but will be especially good in these times of Web 2.0 when many of us are immersed in social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  It may be my best business idea ever – and I cannot tell you how happy that it is becoming a reality.

We’re still looking for a storefront location – preferably in downtown Bellevue, but we are open to multiple locations in the greater Seattle / Puget Sound area.  At least we are getting started here online and have already started to have learning opportunities for prospective partners and team members.

The Social Network Marketing Store has been started on the awesome opportunity to be part of the best travel program on the planet – World Ventures, Rovia Travel and their DreamTrips.

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    UPDATE: The Social Network Marketing Store is not currently involved with World Ventures or Rovia.

    We are currently looking for new opportunities in Social Network Marketing.

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    Joe, I never cease to be amazed at what you’ll be doing next! Hopefully this will be the venture that takes you to the TOP of the social networking scene here. You’ve already got a headstart with having put EE together. I’ll be watching you and hope to join forces with my enterprise one day. I’ll say best wishes for opportunity meeting preparedness which is what good luck is all about! Rich Willard

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    Thank you Rich. TSNMS has been a long time in planning and it looks like we’ll be able to open our first physical location later this year.

    Perhaps at some point you and ACN would like to be involved.